Professional Mold Cleanup and Remediation Service

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We specialize in tough biological contaminants like mold and bacterial damage. If you’ve recently experience water damage or detect any of the signs of mold, you likely have an out of control mold situation that requires professional assistance. At Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team, our crews are specially trained to handle noxious and toxic substances that could pose serious health consequences to you and your family if left untreated.

Seek help if you detect any of the signs of mold growing:

  1. Visible Signs of Mold – This may seem obvious, but many people mistake common household molds for dirt or wall smudges. Seemingly benign, many of these “smudges” are only the tip of the iceberg of an infestation that spreads beneath drywall, through concrete and underneath carpeting. If you see any of the tell-tale signs of mold, contact a professional right away. Colors of mold range from grey brown and green to black, white and pink or orange if growing on vinyl surfaces.
  2. Allergic Reaction – If you experience itchy eyes, watery eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose or sneezing, you could be having an allergic reaction to mold spores in the air. If you symptoms are relieved when you leave home, definitely call a professional.
  3. Odors – Mold has a fairly recognizable smell of must. If you smell it, you have mold.
  4. Recent Water Damage – If you’ve recently experienced water damage that resulted in standing water, you probably have some mold, especially if the water damage professional hired wasn’t thorough in their sterilization. At the Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team, we always conduct a thorough mold inspection after water damage.

Call us for help if you detect any of the signs of mold, today: (661) 220-7045

The Emergency Flood Team Approach to Dealing with Mold:

  1. Health and Air Quality – We will seal off infected areas to contain allergy-causing spores while we work, substantially improving the quality of air allowing to you to breathe easier. We take measures to prevent further infection and to ensure your safety first and foremost.
  2. Documentation – If you’re working with an insurance company , they’ll require a detailed inventory of services performed and articles lost. We take the headache out of documenting those services by providing them directly to your insurance company. If necessary, we’ll also provide third party confirmation of mold elimination by an independent lab.
  3. Source Control – We use infrared imaging to locate all areas of mold growth and use HEPA filters to prevent further contamination.
  4. Mold Cleanup – Our trained Emergency Flood Team technicians will use chemicals that are friendly to your family but tough on mold and bacteria. Sometimes advanced mold requires actual removal of structures on your property and we’ll always keep you updated with actions necessary for a successful job.
  5. Prevention of Future Infection – The key source of mold growth is unwanted moisture. We’ll help you target leaks and areas of high humidity where mold might become an unwanted regular problem and take measures to eliminate future infection. Without this step, you’ll be seeing more mold removal trucks in the near future.

Help when you need it most, call the Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team for water damage mold removal today, (661) 220-7045