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Dealing with the aftermath of a water damage disaster can be an absolute nightmare without professional help. Many Santa Clarita residents and business owners choose to forgo the benefits of the licensed professional and experienced additional damages from untreated water damage. If you suspect water damage or are standing in a pool, called the emergency flood team immediately. Every minute loss is a dollar spent and with the right help, you can have your home or business back.

After you’ve called the Emergency Flood Team, make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged and there’s no danger from powered outlets in standing power by flipping your property’s breaker to the “OFF” position. Don’t turn on the T.V. and avoid ceiling fan use if the ceiling is wet.

If you can, open windows and doors to maximize ventilation to the affected areas while you carefully mop up standing water. Don’t use your home vacuum cleaner to remove water!

Any wet upholstery or cushions should be propped up so they can dry on either side.

If you’re ceiling is sagging from roof leak moisture or flooding above you, leave the room and let the Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team handle the worst of the damage.

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Advantage #1

Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team specializes in water damage removal, damage mitigation and restoration services. For jobs that exceed our capacity as water damage technicians, we provide our clients with licensed insured independent contractors upon request. We will only ever refer you to a certified general contractor that specializes in insurance reconstruction and is familiar with your insurance company’s claim process to ensure expedient handling of the restoration process.

Advantage #2

As water damage specialists, we don’t claim to be a one-size-fits-all solution to your restoration project. Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team uses highly changed technicians and the most up-to-date equipment to ensure the optimal strategy has been used salvage contents and protect your property. Upon completion, documentation will be provided to you and your insurance company to quantify and demonstrate that all areas of water loss have been rectified to approve standards. We believe in cost transparency and you will never find hidden fees tacked onto the end of your bill.

Advantage #3

In Santa Clarita, California most of the companies that offer “single solutions” are not performing work that complies with industry accepted standards other than that of their company. We don’t claim to be a “single solution” and as such, take pride in the science involved in structural drying. When you go with a larger company or a national franchise, you’re essentially hiring a salesman who will push new floor coverings, new carpeting, cabinets and expensive structural materials onto you claiming they’re “necessary.”

At Santa Clarita Emergency Flood Team, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to restore your existing structures, save you money and get the job done right the first time.


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